GIACOMO Palmieri


Lecturer the following courses at Polytechnic University of Marche:

  • Industrial Robotics, master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, Mechatronics Curriculum
  • Fundamentals of Theoretical and Applied Mechanics, bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering.
  • Fundamentals of Biomechanics and Biomechanics, (Mechanics Applied to Machines module), master’s degree in Medicine and Surgery.

Author of the following textbooks:

  • G. Legnani, G. Palmieri, “Fondamenti di Meccanica e Biomeccanica del Movimento“, Città Studi editore, 2016.
  • G. Legnani, G. Palmieri, I. Fassi, “Introduzione alla Biomeccanica dello Sport”, Città Studi editore, 2018

Mail: – Phone: 071 220 4813 – Institutional Page


He graduated in 2006 in Mechanical Engineering at Polytechnic University of Marche, Ancona, Italy. In 2010 he received the PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering at Polytechnic University of Marche. From 2010 to 2016, he was a researcher at eCampus University, Novedrate (CO), Italy. From 2016 to 2019, he was a researcher at the Department of Industrial Engineering and Mathematical Sciences (DIISM) of the Polytechnic University of Marche, where he currently holds the position of associate professor. He is scientific head of the robotics section of the i-Labs Industry Laboratory, Jesi (AN), operating in the field of Industry 4.0 technologies.


Main areas of research include collaborative robotics and human-robot collaboration, mechatronics and biomechanics, with emphasis on kinematic and dynamic analysis and synthesis of mechanical and biomechanical systems. He is author of more than 90 publications, including 43 in international journals. He is a member of the topical advisory panel of Robotics, MDPI for the following topics: collaborative robotics; mechatronics and biomechanics; kinematic and dynamic analysis and synthesis of mechanical and biomechanical systems.


  • Chiriatti, G., Carbonari, L., Ceravolo, M.G., Andrenelli, E., Millevolte, M., Palmieri, G., A Robot-Assisted Framework for Rehabilitation Practices: Implementation and Experimental Results, (2023) Sensors, 23 (17).
  • Neri, F., Forlini, M., Scoccia, C., Palmieri, G., Callegari, M., Experimental Evaluation of Collision Avoidance Techniques for Collaborative Robots, (2023) Applied Sciences (Switzerland), 13 (5).
  • Chiriatti, G., Ciccarelli, M., Forlini, M., Franchini, M., Palmieri, G., Papetti, A., Germani, M., Human-Centered Design of a Collaborative Robotic System for the Shoe-Polishing Process, (2022) Machines, 10 (11).
  • Callegari, M., Carbonari, L., Costa, D., Palmieri, G., Palpacelli, M.-C., Papetti, A., Scoccia, C., Tools and Methods for Human Robot Collaboration: Case Studies at i-LABS, (2022) Machines, 10 (11).
  • Chiriatti, G., Bottiglione, A., Palmieri, G., Manipulability Optimization of a Rehabilitative Collaborative Robotic System (2022) Machines, 10 (6).

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