Cutting-edge facilities


Laboratories are the crossroads between ideas and artifacts that human intelligence, along with the use of technology, can achieve through design.

The MdM Group manages the laboratory MIR (Mechatronics & Industrial Robotics) and is involved in the management of the I-Labs and Artes 4.0 laboratories, where cutting-edge technologies are used to develop new mechatronic and robotic applications for research purposes and for companies.

  • Industrial and Collaborative Robots
  • Advanced Cameras and Vision Systems
  • 3D Printing and Mechatronic Systems
  • Exoskeletons and Tools for the Study of Ergonomics.
Mechatronics & Industrial Robotics

The Mechatronics and Industrial Robotics Laboratory (MIR) is located within DIISM with focus on the design and testing of automated machines and robots, prototype development, and advanced automated applications.

Research activities have produced several prototype robots, including biomorphic submarine robots and industrial applications of parallel robots. Studies are also being conducted on image processing systems, impedance controllers, and neural networks.

Industry Information Innovation

The i-Labs Industrie Lab in Jesi is a regional collaboration center that brings together researchers, companies and technologies to improve production systems.

It promotes the transition to Industry 4.0 through the development, application and exchange of innovative solutions. With specialized expertise and advanced technologies, it offers a range of specialized services.

Advanced Robotics and enabling digital Technologies & Systems

The ARTES 4.0 Competence Centre is a joint initiative of universities, research institutes, foundations and companies to promote innovation and technology development in SMEs. The Polytechnic University of Marche leads the Jesi Macro Node, where it has set up a laboratory to improve the competitiveness of companies through research and technology transfer.

The Machine Mechanics Group focuses on the development of solutions for human-centred manufacturing, using exoskeletons, collaborative robots and digital assistants to create an ergonomic work environment.