SCHUNK and i-Labs Industry: Advanced Training Days on Robotic Material Removal in Brackenheim/Hausen, Germany


  • International Collaboration
  • Robotic Material Removal
  • Industry and University

October 25-27 – The “Expert Days” organized by Schunk took place in Brackenheim-Hausen, Germany, during these days. I-labs Industry and the Polytechnic University of Marche participated in this event, creating networks and know-how. A step forward in bringing the world of research closer to that of industry.

The “Expert Days in Robotic Material Removal”

The “SCHUNK Expert Days on Robotic Material Removal” are an international event dedicated to robotic automation solutions for machining processes such as grinding, milling, or polishing. In two intense days, experts and professionals have the opportunity to share information on potential, best practices, and future trends in robotic material processing.
Robotic material removal is becoming a central topic in the automation sector, with great potential still unexplored, especially in the automatic loading and unloading of machine tools.

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